Hawker Perfect Plus Batteries 320Ah 4PzS 320

Hawker Perfect Plus Batteries 320Ah 4PzB 320


Bình điện xe nâng 320Ah HAWKER 4PzS 320

Technical date:

Cell Type Nominal Capacity
Ah C5
Plate Ah Nominal Max Cell Dimensions
Weight in Kg with electrolyte
+/- 5%
L W H*
4PzB 320 320 80 83 198 435 18.4
PzB-cells Hawker perfect plus™ , with bolt-on connectors, dimensions according to IEC 254-2 Series E standard
* Overlid jar height (h) is maximum cell height (H) minus 30mm. Terminals are F- M10 at 25Nm+/- 2


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