Cupid: God of want – The personification of passion and aversion

Cupid: God of want – The personification of passion and aversion

Cupid. A lot of us connect the well-known winged cherub with Valentine’s time – the characteristic cards occasion, maybe not the one created of pagan traditions and martyrdom. Needless to say, Cupid appears as more than just a symbol of rampant consumerism. Represented in Roman mythology due to the fact goodness of Desire, the guy personifies the the many fervent thoughts: affection, intimate attraction and eroticism. Plus all of our most malevolent: scorn, spite, and aversion. Just what else is one able to expect from a lineage that features a paternal jesus of war additionally the love goddess matriarch?

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Cupid: Jesus of Want

Cupid. We relate the popular winged cherub with Valentine’s Day – the Hallmark card occasion, perhaps not the main one produced of pagan rituals and martyrdom. Obviously, Cupid stall as more than just symbolic of widespread consumerism. Portrayed in Roman mythology due to the fact Jesus of Desire, he personifies several of the a lot of fervent thinking: love, intimate attraction, and eroticism. Also our very own more malicious: scorn, spite, and aversion. What more is one to expect from a lineage which includes a paternal goodness of combat and fancy goddess matriarch?

Cupid got never ever likely to be an angel. The boy of Venus, Goddess of Love, he was created out of an affair – one of the several – that their married mummy was creating because of the Jesus of battle, Mars. A turbulent conception by parents with disruptive characters. Fitting, next, that in Roman mythology Cupid is the Jesus of need. […]