Before getting towards how to determine if some body obstructed you on Kik, let’s have a short introduction about Kik’s software.

Before getting towards how to determine if some body obstructed you on Kik, let’s have a short introduction about Kik’s software.

KIK are popular mobile-based texting application. KIK is a comparatively latest software in the wide world of instant texting, getting fast appeal. KIK does not make use of your phone numbers or any connections rather it just works together with user profiles and usernames to talk with family.

Many individuals especially teens and youngsters love to utilize this software. There is another interesting function on KIK you will be able to read by using the program. It’s that as opposed to including a friend or including a contact it will be possible to see that KIK uses “Kik me” which sounds interesting. It’s accompanied by a KIK user’s username consequently the individual desires to create one to their own KIK contacts to make sure that the two of you can talk via the application.

In case you are somebody who really wants to block an unwelcomed pal, you can certainly do thus and appreciate the virtual individual room. But, if you’re someone who was clogged subsequently I’m sorry my good friend because little is possible in such a case.

You may end up getting clogged by some one and also you won’t feel informed you have already been clogged. Maybe not possibly by the user or because of the Kik society. But, yes you will discover if someone else blocked your on Kik performing a little bit of investigation or state detective services. Why-not function as the James connection discover it out.

Understanding blocking?

Not one person on this subject planet shouldn’t understand what preventing does not means. Yes, some individuals are nevertheless getting to know the technology. Stopping is absolutely nothing but a social media setting that avoids some other consumer from getting in touch with you.

Additionally the enjoyable fact is(for a few software), as soon as we block anybody, he won’t even know that they have been obstructed by united states. Not until they find out by themselves. Kik isn’t like any different social media system. The concept matches any texting application although it does stick to some strategies. One such coverage is the fact that it permits the blocked person to send information.

Additional social networking systems do not allow the individual to send emails. But, on Kik, the person who is obstructed can send messages to the individual. This rules is applied so that the one who might blocked must not realize they have started blocked. With such a characteristic, it should be challenging determine if you’ve been obstructed or perhaps you are simply are dismissed.

Now, let’s move towards how exactly to see people clogged your on Kik

Better KIK is actually a fascinating application that knows about the issues and this’s the main reason it’s got nearly every confidentiality function that people require whilst utilizing this application.

Now, can you imagine anybody blocks both you and you’d like to learn should your in fact obstructed.

What’s the meaning of the 3 icons presented by KIK, let’s figure out.

1) the very first one is ‘S’ also it ensures that your message have been sent to your particular buddy.

2) the 2nd one is ‘D’ also it ensures that the written text had been delivered to your own friend.

3) the next you’re ‘R’ also it implies that their content had been unsealed and study by that one friend.

Thus, they certainly were the icons we uses in understanding that if someone features obstructed you or perhaps not. Very sample these methods the following with this certain scenario:


The first option to determine if anybody got clogged you or perhaps not in KIK is through giving a message compared to that individual out of your KIK membership and everything need to do is monitor that information which you have taken to that particular people. Thus open up your KIK application and submit see your face an email nowadays everything want to do is always to look at the signs (about which we spoken of) that will happen once you’ve sent the content.

1st symbolization you’ll be able to observe is “S” which means the content was taken to your own friend. Now the real video game initiate from this point. Once you bring delivered the content it is going to switch to “D” meaning that the information was brought to escort services in Edinburg the recipient and it also means that you haven’t become obstructed and then simply finally quickly symbolic “R” arise meaning that the message was see by that individual which isn’t so then merely keep a close look thereon content along with situation if “S” doesn’t fundamentally change to “D” this means that you had become obstructed by that people therefore implies that man or woman wouldn’t get the content unless that person unblocks you from his/her obstructed number.


Now the second strategy to determine if somebody has clogged your or otherwise not is always to beginning a team with this man or woman making use of the Kik application. So what now you should do should try to beginning a team with this person assuming you can certainly do thus next that means that you have not become obstructed by that one individual. In instance you may be unable to build friends with this person this may be probably means you have been blocked by see your face nowadays you happen to be don’t touching see your face.

But still, if you are unable to understand next go for this third tip:


This is basically the 3rd as well as the last technique but not the smallest amount of without a doubt. To understand when someone have blocked your on Kik or perhaps not you’ll be able to build another account with a unique username. With all the newer account, you simply produced, try to communicate with that levels towards person. And make sure to not let them know about your character.

Together with the latest membership, it will be easy to check on for yourself whether the consumer enjoys clogged you or not.